’69 COPO 427 Chevelle Barn Find – 1 of Only 2 Tuxedo Black With Manual Trans Ever to Surface

The 1969 Chevelle SS with the COPO option was a high-performance version of the Chevrolet Chevelle SS, which was a sportier version of the standard Chevelle. The COPO option allowed customers to order a 427 cubic-inch (7.0L) V8 engine, which was not available on the standard Chevelle SS. 

This engine produced 425 horsepower and was intended for drag racing use. The COPO option also included other performance enhancements such as a heavier-duty suspension and larger brakes. The 1969 Chevelle SS with the COPO option was built in limited numbers and was not available to the general public through regular Chevy dealerships.

The year was 1988 and that was the last time this car spun a wheel, which in a way you can easily tell and now it is time for this car to finally change owners and depart with its first and only one. 

This incredibly rare 1969 COPO Chevelle is a real treat since according to the Supercar registry which did not even feature it, it is only the second Tuxedo Black Chevelle with a manual transmission that is still in existence, now that is something incredibly rare.

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