This (1965) Chevrolet Corvette Is a Real Barn Find With Bird Nests Coming Out of the Exhaust…

This 1965 convertible was parked in a garage back in 1993, with seller littleterror1957 explaining that the second owner purchased the car back in 1970. The Vette ended up being donated to the owner’s son at some point during the ‘90s, and this is how it was moved to long-term storage.

However, it looks like this Chevrolet Corvette has already received some pretty important changes under the hood. Also supposed to be used on the strip, the car was the subject of an engine swap, with the owner installing a 327 (5.3-liter) V8 unit with 300 horsepower specifically to make it more appropriate for the wife.

The engine still started right up with only a few fixes here and there, the seller says, and after all these years, bird nests were coming out of the exhaust the first time the V8 started roaring once again.

Based on the provided photos, the Corvette indeed requires a series of fixes here and there, but on the other hand, it doesn’t seem to be a major project either. The rust, for example, isn’t something to be worried about, and in fact, the frame is still very solid, obviously thanks to the car being parked in that garage in just the right conditions.

The bidding for the Corvette is currently underway, but unfortunately, the seller has also enabled a reserve whose value is unknown. In other words, the top offer, which already exceeds $15,000, is yet to trigger the reserve, so the interested buyers must strive harder to be able to buy the car.

If you want to see the Vette in person, it’s located in Monrovia, Maryland.

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