Gorgeous 50-year-old farm girl drives an equally gorgeous ’57 Chevy

If you want to see a truly badass American woman, look no further than Jennifer “Farm Girl” Saucier.

This drop dead gorgeous 50-year-old loves guns, cars, exercise, and working on the family farm. She’s no stranger to a hard day’s work and a long night of play.

When she’s not shooting, farming, fishing, or driving classic cars, Farm Girl is making YouTube videos on her channel Banshee Moon to the tune of $100,000 a year. That’s one hell of a monetized hobby!

She and her husband run a small farm in North Carolina, but started sharing their home videos around 2012. Since then the Banshee Moon channel has exploded in popularity with dozens of videos earning millions of views.

“I believe it’s important to stay fit. I do sit ups and push ups in the morning to get my metabolism going and then weight training and cross fit in the evening. Plus we always eat clean and buy local meat,” Jen said in an interview with Daily Mail.

Watch her cruise around in a classic ’57 Chevy in the video below

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