The Most Original 1965 Chevelle Z16 SS396 on the Planet? Found in Kansas After 48 Years

The 1965 Chevrolet Chevelle Z16 was a high-performance version of the Chevelle, a mid-sized muscle car produced by Chevrolet. It was equipped with a powerful V8 engine and performance-oriented suspension and brakes, making it capable of impressive acceleration and handling. The Z16 package was only available for the 1965 model year, and it is considered a rare and collectible car today.

Only 200 of these cars were produced in 1965 and their purpose was to promote the upcoming SS396 option that following year in the ’66 Chevelle that Chevrolet was going to put in mass production. These cars were only intended for newspaper editors, magazine editors, VIP individuals that had the means to promote the car and give the car enough exposure.

Also individuals that had the means to drag race it and display the awesome car which car had a lot of power for 1965. It was rated 375 horsepower. The engine designation on this car is at L37 which is 396 375 horsepower, not to be confused with the L78 the following year which had a solid lift cam mechanical if these cars had hydraulic cams.

The RPO Z16 came with the host of standard options. Some of them included 11 inch heavy-duty front brakes, power brakes, power steering, am/fm multiplex stereo radio, four speed, and they were only available in three colors and one though on front of you is regal red, crocus yellow and tuxedo black.

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