“1969” Chevy Camaro RS Can Be Your Giant Leap Into Classic Muscle Car Ownership…

Depending on how many Benjamins you can afford to blow on your next weekend (or perhaps daily) car, the sky can be the limit. In this case, however, we’ll inevitably put a hypothetical cap on that budget, as a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro RS, which is the one pictured in the gallery above, can end up costing you about as much as a brand-new Hellcat.

Get the best example out there, and you will fall into the six-digit category. So, where does the pictured one stand? Actually, that is one of the big unknowns, as Mecum, which has it listed for their Tulsa 2022 auction, set for June 9-11, hasn’t said anything about its estimated value. It is, nonetheless, one of the stars of the event, and that alone should tell you that it will likely fetch a pretty penny.

By the looks of it, this 1969 Chevy Camaro RS has undergone restoration. Everything is clean, from the exterior, to the cabin, engine, and underbody. It has a Fathom Green paint finish, with white stripes, on top of a Black Deluxe interior, and features all the original bits and pieces, as far as we can tell from the images.

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